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Drama Kids Unite!

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July 11th, 2005

all_axeled_out @ 12:15 pm: Well um, hehe i applied for this lj community and they want me to promote so i'm gonna promote on my dead community with two people on it. I need posts here anyway.

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June 23rd, 2005

all_axeled_out @ 08:39 pm: Well i posted this yesterday on my livejournal and i thought i could post it on the dead community i belong to!

well, so i was bored so i broke out the video tape of brigadoon that jess got me for my bday, i havn't had a chance to watch it.

Brigadoon, my first and only musical, second play all together it's been years since i was in it and i still feel sentimental from hearing the music. So many memories with each note, i don't care what play you're in, it's always worth to be in, right now it's on one of the scenes that i remember really enjoying doing, it was so fun and i had probly the smallest part of all but it was just amazing, and so is every play i've been in, i tell you, never turn down a chance to be in a play it is so worth it.

Now that i think of it i was really inexperienced, i dunno if i still am like this but i used to get really nervous singing with new groups, i could barely sing usually, i'd get past an audition, now that i have more confidence (probly from being like the only tenor in our chorus) lol it's still been a while since i've sung with a new group, i'm also not the best singer, i could always improve.

It's funny, i dont even remember the performances, only rehearsels, i remember we sold out the second night, i remember falling because i jumped in like my only dance and landed offstage, i had dress shoes on so they slipped and i fell, but i'm pretty sure that was a dress rehearsel.

I was looking at the people in the movie, and they don't hold anything to the people i knew who played those parts, but i can't even remember them. I was in 8th grade, lemme think, about 13 or 14 i think i was.

I wish i was in a play. lol.

May 9th, 2005

all_axeled_out @ 09:43 pm: Ok the new renditioned version of the survery

1.What is your name?
2. Age?
3. Favorite Play/musical?
4. Favorite Movie?
5. Favorite TV Show?
6. What got you interested into drama?
7. What was your first play?
8. What was the last play you did?
9. Would you rather be in thaeter or TV/Movies?
10. Do you plan to actually go into drama further in life?
11. How old is your drama teacher (this will only be funny for bham people but have fun with it)
12. Anything else i didn't ask that you want us to know?

Yeah i know it still sucks but w/e, i'll update later.

May 8th, 2005

fenrir_knight @ 11:12 pm: icons
Made some community Icons.

I'll try to start actually talking about drama and stuff in my next post. I just wanted to be a part of the "making the community look good" part.

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May 7th, 2005

all_axeled_out @ 11:14 pm: Sorry about the boring survey guys, i'll make it better when i'm not feeling lazy

fenrir_knight @ 10:10 pm: A member
If this even gets going, it's going to be a Bellingham Drama Club thing. But hey, if other Drama people want to join I'd like it better *shrug*

But anyways, here is the Survey thing-a-ma-do-bob.

1.What is your name? Kim
2. Age? 16 (almost 17)
3. Favorite Play/musical? I dunno.
4. Favorite Movie? I don't watch movies, like, ever.
5. Favorite Show? If you mean TV show, I don't watch TV ever.
6. Anything else i didn't ask that you want us to know? Not really.

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enilada @ 01:40 pm: Yay
Cool. I'm the only member. *waves to Alex*

all_axeled_out @ 01:23 am: Well Welcome to the Show. I'm Alex and I started this community, if you wanna know more just ask, I dont know how these community things work but i know there's a survey. So i'm setting one up, so just post with it if you want to join.

1.What is your name?
2. Age?
3. Favorite Play/musical?
4. Favorite Movie?
5. Favorite Show?
6. Anything else i didn't ask that you want us to know?

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